CarpentryCon Proposal Submission is Now Open!


CarpentryCon is one of the most anticipated events of The Carpentries for community-building and networking. The theme for CarpentryCon 2022, Expanding Data Frontiers, will offer opportunities for the community to explore topics that will expand their knowledge and understanding of all things Carpentries. This two-week event, happening 1–12 August, brings together new and experienced community members to network, share knowledge, develop new skills, and exchange strategies for building communities of practice. The conference will be held virtually and structured to accommodate sessions across multiple time zones. Come and help develop our future leaders through practical skill-ups, networking, workshops, and breakout sessions.

We invite you to submit proposals to share your knowledge and skills to help enhance research and learning outcomes for our community. You will also support expanding data and computational skills for librarians, scholars, scientists, and technologists from various domains. We welcome topics that align with the theme such as:

  • Diversity in coding
  • Women in artificial intelligence
  • State of the open source movement
  • Data care skills for equity
  • Outreach and awareness of Carpentries outside our community
  • Data and information literacy in the age of misinformation
  • Communities and FAIR
  • Data inclusivity and diversity
  • Accessible data for all

Members of the community, through our Community Discussions, have also provided the following list of sessions of interest:

  • Encouraging success stories from workshop attendees, including specific use cases
  • Security factors while working online
  • Creative ways to organise workshops (e.g., organising funding, finding attendees)
  • The contexts in which The Carpentries are being used (e.g., academia, labs, government, private/corporate sector, secondary schools)
  • Helpful tools for teaching and examples of using them in a workshop
  • Ethical considerations for data analysis and/or sensitive data analysis (e.g., CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance)
  • Bias and/or encoded racism or social assumptions in programming tools
  • How to run an effective online workshop/teach effectively online
  • Pain points in different languages and reflections on non-English-speaking workshops
  • More pedagogy, teaching about teaching
  • How to plan your workshop with diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in mind
  • Expanding programming lessons to include Julia, Matlab, Scala, etc.
  • How to develop content/lessons, particularly in a Team Science approach
  • Adding high performance computing (HPC) skillsets or using cloud hosting platforms (e.g., Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) for researchers
  • Professional development content about systems change (e.g.
  • Multiple ways and opportunities for the community to connect to strengthen intra-organizational ties

Submit a Proposal

To propose a session, please use the online submission form. As an international community, we welcome sessions in languages other than English. On the form, you can also indicate which time zones you will be able to lead your session and if you would be willing to lead your session more than once. #CarpentryCon2022 will have six types of sessions:

  • Breakout discussions will be 1.5 hour-long and conducted in a round table or general discussion format. These discussions will play a crucial role in connecting participants based on shared interests and stimulate discussion on relevant topics.
  • Lesson and resource development sprints will be one-day to two-week-long collaborative efforts to co-develop lessons and resources relevant to the community. Opportunities will be provided to contribute synchronously and asynchronously to these sprints.
  • Lightning talks will be short, 5-minute presentations to share tips with the community (e.g., techniques to improve research and teaching, growing a local Carpentries community). These will be pre-recorded so that subtitles in multiple languages can be added and to accommodate asynchronous viewing. There will also be a time in the program dedicated to synchronous viewing and Q&A with the presenters.
  • Panel sessions will be 1-1.5 hour-long live discussions about a specific topic amongst a selected group of panellists who share differing perspectives. The proposal author or suggested lead will moderate and guide the panel and audience through the event. Panellists are ideally 3-4 experts in the field who will share ideas, evidence/studies, and opinions and address questions from the audience.
  • Skill-up workshops will be 1.5-2 hour-long sessions that provide professional development opportunities where community members share their expertise.
  • Social events and informal meetups will be 1-2 hour-long sessions that allow attendees to network with other community members. As determined by each session host, these sessions will range from informal discussions to playing games to virtual storytelling. We encourage creativity!

Important Information

  • Last date for proposal submissions will be 12 June.
  • We will start reviewing the submitted proposals as they are received.
  • Notification of accepted proposals will be sent to participants no later than 17 June.
  • Event registration will open 27 June; registration will be free.
  • See the “Keeping Up with CarpentryCon” post for more channels to follow for CarpentryCon information.
  • You can add this event to your calendar here.


If you need any support completing the proposal submission form, would like to view the form in another language, or have any questions, please email